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            Fan plastic

            Fan plastic
            Product name:Fan plastic

            Fan plastic:

            Fan of plastic products in high-speed rotation if fan plastic weight imbalance is easy to cause the jitter, so fan plastic in addition to production assembly size accuracy requirements, cosmetic requirements besides a relatively strict weight equilibrium requirements.

            Wisconsin - plastic mold factory since 1999 contact fan pieces of plastic production, production during a CPU fan plastic, plastic, blowy fan card fan plastic, electric oven fan plastic, large household fan plastic electrical appliances product plastic parts.

            Fan plastic can depend on customer demanded by PP material, PC raw materials, ABS materials in plastics production.

            If you have a fan plastic production requirements, please contact us, we years fan plastic production experience certainly can give you a satisfactory service!

            Telephone: 13631554631 EMAIL: ping@xunweimold.com

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            Skype: xunweimold MSN: xunweimold@hotmail.com QQ: 332077233 QQ: 1713721773 QQ: 1109222702 Alibaba.com ID:gxzlp