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            Product name:DZ-21

            CD grain plastic:

            Electrical appliances product CD grain plastic package, above product the graph is molding not plating effect.

            For electrical appliances product CD grain plastic buttons is lesser, requirements, in fine grain shape and mold design products have a certain technical content.

            Willy SuJiaoChang CD - plastic products has been by customers grain facor!

            CD grain plastic texture clear, CD grain plastic shaping effect is good, electroplating after CD grain plastic radiant clarity.

            If you have a CD grain plastic product requirements, please contact us!

            The pictures of CD grain plastic plating effect:



            Skype: xunweimold MSN: xunweimold@hotmail.com QQ: 332077233 QQ: 1713721773 QQ: 1109222702 Alibaba.com ID:gxzlp