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            Bakelite mold

            Bakelite mold Bakelite mold Bakelite mold
            Product name:Bakelite mold

            Electricity mold production:

            Bakelite chemical name call bakelite, is plastic in the first used in industrial production breed.

            Due to its high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good performance and so on making electronics materials often used in.

            The everyday objects have switch, lamp holder, headset, telephone cabinet, instrument shell, etc.

            The advent of bakelite, industrial development has the vital significance.

            Phenolic and aldehyde compounds in acidic or alkaline catalyst effect, can be obtained by polycondensation reaction phenolic resin.

            Will phenolic resin and sawmill powder, talcum powder (stuffing) and urumqi-kuitun thylene tetramin methenamine (curing agent), stearic acid (lubricant), pigments, and fully mixing in mixing rubber machine heating mixing rubber drawees bakelite.

            Will the bakelite moulds heating pressure molding thermosetting phenolic plastic products after we get.

            Wisconsin - from 1993 plastic mold factory engaged in telephone fittings manufacture, due to peripheral products involve bakelite demand, plastic mold factory in Wisconsin - starting in 1995 and mold bakelite products in bakelite moulding production.

            Ten years of production experience for you mold design, electric power die product molding, bakelite mould manufacturing provides the reliable guarantee!


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