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            Name: Miss Luo
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            Xu Department of Electronics and Shenzhen International Mould & Plastic Factory Information Gateway entered into a collaboration


            Xu Hong Kong Branch R & D International, Inc. is a professional company manufacturing Tablet PC, Tablet PC as the rise in recent years, huge increases in competition, Xu on the Tablet PC Division International precision plastic parts and appearance requirements also been improved.
                    "A good product design, not only can reduce the risks in the production process, but also in product design and development phase to optimize material selection and structural design, the corresponding lower production costs." Xu Wei Science News International knows Shenzhen mold factory in Engineering Design There are strong advantages in connection with the assessment, conducted a special investigation of our company, and reached a preliminary design of all new products for the agreement.

               Plastic mold factory in Shenzhen Super Win : Marketing


            Skype: xunweimold MSN: xunweimold@hotmail.com QQ: 332077233 QQ: 1713721773 QQ: 1109222702 Alibaba.com ID:gxzlp