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            E & P Australia and Sri Lanka visited the Hong Kong Shenzhen Super Win Plastic Factory


                  February 12 & P Australia Sri Lanka Hong Kong visit our Digital Technology Company, Hong Kong, Australia and Sri Lanka & P Digital Technology is a professional digital product design and development company, from the early MP3, MP4 to digital photo album of electronic products in recent years, the company has been more advantage of obtaining high quality pro-European and American guests gaze.
                  Recent customer product quality requirements for the upgrade, the appropriate accessories has also put forward higher requirements. Hong Kong, Australia and Sri Lanka E & P technology companies in the industry aware of communication inquiry Viagra plastic mold factory in Shenzhen in the digital products of plastic mold and plastic molding has a strong advantage, the company's management decided on the plastic mold factory in Shenzhen Super Win for the initial factory review.
                Review process, the Hong Kong general of Australia and Sri Lanka Electronic Technology plastic mold factory in Shenzhen Super Win the production scale, on-site management give a higher rating, especially for the plastic mold factory in Shenzhen Information Gateway project review to give a very high intensity evaluation, in the accident, the production design review to eliminate hidden dangers stage plastic mold factory in Shenzhen Super Win Design Review Panel's work theme, which is generally ignored by SMEs.
                Of course, the key factor is the project require a higher quality of personnel evaluation, project evaluation team, the cost of the corresponding high costs continue to rise in the Pearl River Delta companies, places the cost pressure has become a fashion, the province should not have to save, The risks arising from the follow-up the cost of production is difficult to estimate.
                 Plastic mold factory in Shenzhen Super Win the engineering assessment has been regarded as the top priority of the internal operation of the entire company to improve the level and intensity of design review in a certain level seems to increase business costs, but the work of project assessment in place, eliminating a lot of follow-up to production risks, such risks are far greater than the value added to eliminate the level of improvement and efforts to strengthen the assessment of the costs incurred, so the engineering review is a value-added process.
                 February 12 afternoon, at the end of review meeting Australia in Hong Kong Pu Electronic Science and Technology decided to Sri Lanka late in 2 to some of the new product design and mold making product orders given to the plastic mold factory in Shenzhen News Viagra to enhance the production of small quantities of orders each other the work of understanding and mutual trust.
                    Plastic mold factory in Shenzhen Super Win: Marketing


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